Step by Step Guide to Tapping Twitter for Autopilot Traffic & Sales



You would want to be living under a rock not to know that social media has transformed the landscape of internet marketing.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg, YouTube, and of course Twitter have all established themselves as ‘Powerhouses’ in this new era.

In effect they have mitigated the power of the mighty Google, as customers tend to make their buying decisions now through consultation with ‘tweeters’ on sites like twitter.

The power of twitter is that it provides a captive audience of over 200 millions people, broken down into every imaginable niche. So no matter what niche you are marketing to online, you will find massive numbers of your target market on twitter.

The problem with twitter however is that internet marketers are doing things the wrong way.

Many think that the best way to make money on twitter is to follow every twitterer in sight.

Wrong DEAD wrong. Very often that will actually HURT you rather than HELP you.

Others think that the way to make money on twitter is to bombard followers with affiliate links. You might make some cash, but you’ll end up with no followers and a tarnished brand.

The most important thing to do with twitter is to BUILD your BRAND first, MAKE your SALES second.

Personally I am active in over 30 niches on twitter. I have over 100 keyword optimized twitter profiles segregated into some of the smallest micro niches online.

Each of these ultra targeted twitter sites equate to extremely lucrative traffic streams that are little money making machines in themselves.

Twitter is an ABSOLUTE GOLDMINE if you are executing these granularity strategies, and doing things in a certain



Introducing “Twitter Tapper”

Twitter Tapper is a 111 page blueprint that reveals EVERYTHING I know about making piles of cash from twitter. I leave no stone unturned in this MASSIVE course that is PROVEN to work time and time again.

I wanted this to be THE MOST COMPLETE course on twitter available anywhere else online, and I certainly think I have achieved that goal.

The course is laid out in ‘step by step’ fashion so I literally take you by the hand and show you exactly what to do. In this regard you are copying my system to the letter and I promise you when you do that, you WILL MAKE MONEY.

When you grab your copy of ‘Twitter Tapper’ today, here is just a small selection of what you will learn:

    • A detailed explanation of all the twitter syntax, commands and lingo so that you can communicate effectively to maximize your earning potential
  • How to use twitter to build a social media brand so that people will eventually buy things just because your name is on the cover

9 ways to turn twitter into a money making machine, so that you can earn true                       passive income

  • 12 Powerful ways to drive traffic from twitter to anywhere you want, so that you can turn your twitter account into an ATM machine.


  • How to create keyword optimized accounts that attract traffic from twitter search without you having to do any additional marketing


  • How to build backlinks with every single tweet using my secret ‘anchor text’ software, so that you start dominating page one of Google with every tweet

How to setup automation rules so that you can build your subscriber list on autopilot


  • How to create impressive twitter backgrounds that ooze professionalism so that you can get   attention from the ‘big hitters’


  • How to ethically steal all of your competitors mailing list subscribers so that you benefit       from all the hard work they have done to date


  • How to leverage a little known tool that automatically tweets about everything you do on Facebook, Ezine Articles, YouTube, Aweber etc so that your twitter account is a hive of consistent activity


  • 15 ways to EXPLODE your number of followers in the shortest possible.


The Benefit

The benefits to you are immense:

  • You’ll never waste your time getting followers that actually ‘hurt’ your business
  • You’ll build followers that are ultra-responsive to your every tweet

You’ll build a huge buyers lists, and make huge money from back end sales

  • You’ll build a successful social media brand, that will put you onto the radar of other successful marketers which translates to joint ventures & cold hard cash
  • You’ll have created multiple new revenue streams that flow into your bank account every single month.


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